Ten Years Ago

It was ten years ago, November 3, 2017, that I installed my first art showing. That was also the night I became engaged to my amazing life partner, Danny. Definitely a night to remember.

When I realized it had been ten years since that night, I was floored. So much has happened, and yet, it feels like only yesterday that I was not only displaying my artwork, but traveling to amazing places to gather the subject matter.

In those ten years, I have changed my “day job” twice, gave birth to an amazing little girl (now almost 8-years-old), went through an arduous fertility journey (which did not produce another child), had my soul awakened to the concepts of universal energy and flow, and have been introduced to the world of coaching. Through all of that, my artist self went dormant. Over the past year, the spark has been thoroughly re-awakened.

This past summer, I treated myself to a three-day artists retreat, and was introduced to the world of acrylic pouring (among other abstract techniques). I came home energized – so much so that I finally created an artists studio in our home. Now I can retreat to my space anytime I want to create, create, create.

I’m excited to begin sharing my work with the world, again. The purpose in sharing my work is to deepen connectivity, to bring light where there was once darkness, or possibly darkness where there may be too much light. My hope is to create feelings of harmony an flow in all I do, and that is beginning to come through in my artwork, as well.

Today, ten years after that first art installation, I am on my way to install my artwork (current and pre-existing) into a local art gallery as a semi-permanent vendor. I look forward to seeing how my work, my feelings of connectivity with the greater world, and my confidence changes during this process.

I look forward to sharing more with you, as well!


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